Frequently Asked Questions

If I buy a product with initials, will it then be possible to return it?
Unfortunately no. Personalized products cannot be returned.

If I would like to add extra letters than shown on a products, would that be possible?
Yes, on some products. Please write an e-mail to – then we will find a solution. There will be no extra charge.

I am in doubt about size or quality. Can I buy without initials and afterwards return it - to add the initials?
Yes, that is possible. There will be no extra charge for adding the initials.
Just write to

I have subscribed to the newsletter, but didn’t receive the discount code?
Maybe the e-mail is in your spam folder. If not, just write to us and we will share the discount code with your manually.

I’m experiencing technical problems completing my order?
If you have had problems in any form on the website, please send us an e-mail or give us a call.

Will the order take longer time to complete if adding initials?
No, we still guarantee delivery within 2-4 working days depending on your location.

I need a gift very shortly – will that be possible?
Write or call us, then we will find a solution for you.

Can I pick up my order instead of having it shipped?
Yes you can. Just choose ”I will pick up my order” with filling in the delivery details on your order.
Then we will contact you to arrange the details.