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Nomad’s guide to Copenhagen

Copenhagen has a special place in our hearts as it is the home of Nomad CPH. Copenhagen has this unique blend of vibrant energy and laid-back charm, that is hard not to fall in love with. From its picturesque canals and colorful facades to its world-class dining scene and cutting-edge design, this city has something to captivate every traveler. 


Piola Pastificio

Super cozy small italian restaurant serving freshly made pasta and traditional, home-cooked food with a focus on good seasonal ingredients.


Authentic italian restaurant with a great vibe, located in Vesterbro.


Restaurant Grimal in Copenhagen is a culinary delight, bringing a taste of French sophistication to its dishes in a charming and inviting atmosphere.


Classic french bistro; a little peace of France in the middle of Vesterbro.


Plant-centeret vegetarian bistro. celebrating serving organic and locally grown vegetables.


Traditional japanese restaurant in Vesterbro where you have the option of actually dining on the floor. It’s so good!



A local outside bar in Vesterbro, where people from all over Copenhagen and locals from Vesterbro gather every Spring and Summer to sit in the sun and have a drink.


Located in Nørrebro, Friheden is always serving great natural wine and great vibes (Also serving good food!)


Another gem in Nørrebro; a small and cozy winebar. Enjoy a glass of wine outside in the sun or take a bottle to go!

Ved Stranden 10

A combined wine bar and wine shop in the inner city, offering great wine. Enjoy a glass in cozy surroundings or take a bottle or two home.


Enthusiastic and down-to-earth brewers’ beer pub in Nørrebro


Veranda, placed in the heart of Nørrebro is undoubtedly one of Nørrebro’s best wine bars.



One of Copenhagen’s biggest secondhand shops! You’ll be sure to find some treasures there.

O-S-V. Secondhand

Great selection of curated vintage and pre-owned items and the nicest staff!

Wilén Store

A special curated vintage store in the city center serving a mix of pre-owned and new items.


A foodmarket that has everything your heart desires.


Curated vintage store in Frederiksberg.


A multibrand store that carrys a large selection of cool clothing brands, beauty products, music, magazines and books. 


If you are visiting Copenhagen during Spring/Summer make sure to visit one of the many fleamarkets on a Sunday! 


SMK/National Gallery of Denmark

The largest art museum in Denmark. A must when visitng Copenhagen. Their café is great too!


Museum of modern art located in Humlebæk in the nothern part of Zealand. Only a quick trainride away from Copenhagen.

Canal sightseeing

One thing Copenhagen is famous for is its clean canals, perfect for swimming. Hop on a canal ride and soak in the city’s beauty from the water.


A great place to visit in Summer, having a huge food market, great swim locations, museums and much more!


Northern Europe’s largest collection of antique art and the most beautiful inside garden! 


Hotel Central

The cutest little intimate hotel located in Vesterbro! The hotel only has one room, but it is so very charming and cute - and so is their café.

Coco Hotel

Situated in the heart of Vesterbro, Coco Hotel is a stunning boutique accommodation boasting an ideal location for exploring the city.


Located in the picturesque neighborhood of Christianshavn, Kanalhuset is a delightfully charming hotel that exudes a cozy atmosphere, offering an array of activities for guests to enjoy, making it a must-visit destination; don’t miss out on their excellent café experience!


Hotel Sanders in Copenhagen is a haven of Nordic sophistication, exuding timeless elegance and offering guests an immersive experience in Danish design, culture, and hospitality



A cozy café located in Vesterbro, beloved by locals for its excellent coffee and charming ambiance.

Italo Café

Located on Værnedamsvej in Frederiksberg, Italo Café is a vibrant and inviting culinary haven that seamlessly blends Italian authenticity with Danish charm, offering a delightful fusion of flavors in a stylish setting.

Sneezing Fruits

A cozy and local café located in Amager and truly a little hidden gem serving great coffee and bakery goods.


Located in both Frederiksberg and inner city, Sonny is serving great coffee and vibes! Sonny is Copenhagen’s touch of Parisian flair. 



A cozy artisanal haven, where the aroma of freshly baked goods mingles with the warmth of community, offering delectable treats crafted with passion and care.

Juno The Bakery

Located in Østerbro, Juno specializes in crafting exquisite pastries using high-quality organic ingredients, with their cardamom rolls being a standout favorite among patrons.

Andersen Bakery

Located in Islands Brygge, Andersen Bakery honors Danish baking tradition while elevating craftsmanship and perfecting recipes with a touch of Japanese precision.

Andersen Maillard

In Nørrebro, Andersen Maillard is a culinary hotspot adored for its amazing pastries and artisanal breads, skillfully made using a mix of Danish tradition and French influence.


In Amager, Alice Bakery is a beloved local spot cherished for its delightful baked treats and inviting ambiance—don’t miss out on their irresistible croissants!


La Banchina

La Banchina is a laid-back swimming spot in Copenhagen, perfect for a relaxing dip in the harbor followed by a visit to their cozy café and sauna.

Amager Strand

Amager Strand is Copenhagen’s sandy oasis, where you can kick back, soak up the sun, and enjoy stunning views of the coast.

The Canals in CPH

Copenhagen is famous for its canal swimming scene! In the summer, you’ll find people all over the canals, swimming and chilling out at cute spots throughout the city.